At Violet Wild, we believe that the best cannabis comes from our own backyard. Thanks to Direct Delivery, we’re able to connect directly with BC’s most talented cannabis growers, ensuring you get the freshest, most exceptional craft cannabis available. By cutting out the middlemen, we can bring you BC cannabis products that are that are straight from the source. We believe that shopping local is about more than just buying nearby products; it’s about creating meaningful relationships that help build a stronger, more sustainable cannabis industry that benefits everyone – growers, retailers, and customers alike. Let’s introduce you to the incredible growers who make this possible.

stonehouse craft bc cannabis logo
STONEHOUSE Craft Cannabis

STONEHOUSE Craft Cannabis is a small-scale micro producer located on Vancouver Island, BC, renowned for its meticulous small-batch production. They take pride in their organic growing practices, which include hang drying, hand trimming, and hand packaging each plant to ensure top quality. Their master grower, Patrick “Redbeard” Vrolyk, brings over 25 years of experience in the cannabis industry, earning recognition for cultivating some of the highest THC strains on the BC market.

Available at Violet Wild, get your hands on their standout product – Grape Gasser. Between 25-31% THC, this potent indica flower features dense buds wrapped deep purple, resin-coated sugar leaves that offer a full bodied thick dank smoke that promises a burst of flavor with every puff.  

dabble cannabis company inc bc weed logo
Dabble Cannabis Company Inc.

Dabble Cannabis Company Inc. operates a family-owned outdoor cannabis farm in the Cowichan Valley, BC. Utilizing this natural sunlight and rich soil of Vancouver Island’s Mediterranean-like climate, Dabble produces high-quality cannabis with a reduced environmental footprint. Their farm-to-table approach, where all aspects from planting to processing are handled by the Davis family, ensures exceptional quality and consistency in every product.

Our personal favourite is their XXX LIVE HASH ROSIN. A burst of lemon with a fruity cream, XXX is Lemon Berry Candy OG x End Game

magi cannabis logo
Saltspring Magic

Saltspring Magic is a small-scale, family-run farm located on Salt Spring Island, BC. As second-generation craft growers, Josh and Nadine Beckett have been dedicated to producing premium cannabis since the 1990s. Their custom-built facility allows them to maintain high standards in cultivation. Their artisanal approach involves using virgin coir for a consistent burn, a two-week whole plant cold cure for a smooth smoke, and hand trimming to preserve terpenes and trichomes.

Check our their standout strain – Salty Pink. A salty twist on the classics, this indica has a strong musk with a hint of buttered toast – like a beach bonfire feast at sunset! Known for its strong potency, this flower is perfect for a laid-back coastal vibe.

victoria cannabis company bc weed logo
Victoria Cannabis Company

Based in Victoria, BC, Victoria Cannabis Company focuses on ethical growing practices to produce cannabis that meets a variety of needs. Their dedication to sustainability and transparency ensures you receive high-quality, flavorful cannabis. Their team is obsessed with hunting for new and unique flavour profiles, prioritizing flavour first. No arbitrary THC metrics, flower times, or yield weights guide what their team wants to share with their consumers.

Looking for your next favourite? Available in our online menu, Pomelo Skunk combines two legendary cultivators – Rockstar and Citrique –and offers bursts of orange, lemon, and fuel notes (terpenes include Terpinolene, Beta Pinene, and Beta Myrcene).

great gardener farms bc weed logo
Great Gardener Farms

With a legacy of award-winning excellence, Great Gardener Farms stands out as a leader in the BC cannabis industry. Located in Duncan, BC, their sustainable farming practices and innovative techniques produce some of the finest cannabis in BC. With over 25 years of experience as cannabis growers, they are cannabis advocates that champion cannabis for the people, offering high-quality cannabis to people who truly need it. They are true believers in the expansive power of cannabis and consider it their calling to extend its influence and bring their unique cultivators to the world.

Next time you visit our cannabis store, be sure to check out French Fire Barb, an indica-dominant strain with tantalizing aromas that smell like a serene garden. With scents of fresh dew, jasmine, spices, and zest, it’s sure to entice your senses!

Support Your Local BC Weed at Violet Wild

At Violet Wild, we are strong advocates for the power of community, and that starts with supporting our local growers. By partnering with these hometown heroes, we ensure that our menu and shelves are stocked with amazing, quality craft cannabis products our customers know and trust. When you shop at Violet Wild, we want you to know that you’re doing more than just purchasing cannabis — you’re supporting your fellow neighbours and local businesses that pour their hearts into every product. Visit our cannabis store in Chemainus, BC, or check out our online menu to purchase products from STONEHOUSE Craft Cannabis, Dabble Cannabis Company Inc., Magi Cannabis, Victoria Cannabis Company, and Great Gardener Farms.