It all started with a spark – quite literally! It’s amazing how sometimes, the most casual conversations can lead to the most extraordinary collaborations. That’s exactly what happened with our latest project, a collaboration that’s all about bringing together good vibes, great art, and green thinking. We’ve teamed up with the fantastic folks at Up In Smoke Dispensary and the incredibly talented Simon Haiduk to create something special – an environmentally conscious and artistically crafted pocket ashtray. Here’s how it all came together!

Photograph of Violet Wild and Up in Smoke

The Start of Something Special

Our adventure began with a chance meeting at the BC Craft Cannabis Summit in Kelowna. It was here that Terra, owner of Violet Wild, was introduced to Matthew and his wife Sarah from Up In Smoke, a gem of a dispensary in Vancouver’s Mt Pleasant area. This isn’t just any dispensary; Up In Smoke has a rich history, with its roots going deep into the community. They’re known for their focus on direct delivery, craft cannabis, and, most importantly, creating unique experiences for their clients. Their approach is all about treating customers like family, which struck a chord with us at Violet Wild.

Photograph of Terra at the Unicorn Festival

A Spark of an Idea at the Unicorn Festival

Fast forward to the Unicorn Music Festival, BC’s premiere 3 day music, camping and cannabis education and comparison event, where the atmosphere is always buzzing with energy. Amidst the beats and bustle, we reconnected with Matthew from Up In Smoke. As the Rosebud Cup finals unfolded, Matthew pulled out this sleek pocket ashtray from Brain Garden. It was more than just a functional item; it was a statement – made from recycled materials, designed to protect our ecosystems, and equipped with an airtight seal to lock in odors. This moment sparked an idea – why not bring together and elevate our brands with the artistic talent of Simon Haiduk, who was also showcasing his work at the festival? We loved the idea!

Photograph of pocket ash tray by Brainchild

Brain Garden’s Impactful Design

It’s worth mentioning the brilliance behind Brain Garden’s Pocket Ashtrays. These are not just ashtrays; they are a statement of environmental responsibility. Designed to prevent wildfires and protect ecosystems, they’re made from recycled materials. The ashtrays feature an airtight seal that suffocates smokables while locking in odor and contents. Smokers can simply drop in their lit butt and snap shut. It’s a simple yet powerful tool for anyone who wants to make a small but significant impact on preserving our natural surroundings.

Simon Haiduk: Adding the Artistic Touch

Simon Haiduk, an artist whose connection with nature breathes life into his work, was the missing piece of our puzzle. His art, a blend of the spiritual and the natural, adds a depth that speaks to the soul.

photograph of pocket ash tray featuring trippy artwork and frogs, one of the many cannabis accessories from Violet Wild

Bringing It All Together

Matthew had already spoken with Jack from Brain Garden, the brains behind the pocket ashtrays, and Simon, about the possibility of this collaboration. The idea was to create something that transcended a mere product – to make a statement about unity, sustainability, and breaking industry stigmas. We knew that together, we could create something that was not only beautiful and practical but also meaningful.

A Celebration of Collaboration

This collaboration is a celebration of our bonds within the cannabis community and our shared commitment to making a positive impact. It’s about bringing the best of our worlds together – the community spirit of Up In Smoke, the artistic vision of Simon Haiduk, and our passion for unique experiences at Violet Wild.

As we prepare to launch this special pocket ashtray, it symbolizes more than just a product; it represents a journey of connections, shared laughs, and a unified vision for a better cannabis industry.

To everyone who’s been a part of our journey, who’s walked into our store, purchased our cannabis accessories, or simply enjoyed our products – this collaboration is for you. We’re excited for you to see what we’ve created together.

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, stay wild!