This International Women’s Day, Violet Wild is rolling out the green carpet to applaud extraordinary women making waves in the British Columbia cannabis industry. These women, with their entrepreneurial spirit and leadership, are an integral part of our community, elevating it with their unique insights and skills. Each has a story that inspires us and a journey that deserves recognition. As a proud female-led cannabis business, we believe in the power of collaboration and lifting each other up and are excited to see more and more women leading the charge. Join us in celebrating their hard work and the incredible impacts they’ve made.

Alannah Davis
Chief Executive Officer & QAP of Dabble Cannabis Co.

Alannah Davis, Chief Executive Officer & QAP of Dabble Cannabis Co., in a lab coat and hairnet, smiling as she holds up a glass container with cannabis concentrates.

Alannah Davis embodies the essence of a driven CEO. Her journey in the cannabis industry began with her working with one of the biggest Licensed Producers in Canada before spearheading her family’s venture, Dabble Cannabis Co., located in Duncan, BC. Alannah’s diverse background in hospitality, banking, supply chain, and operations, combined with her love of concentrates, allows her to craft an extraordinary cannabis experience on their family farm. This venture is more than a farm; it’s a cannabis paradise offering a unique cannaB&B, a private lake, events and tours, and more.

Her initial fascination with cannabis, particularly concentrates, sparked a lifelong learning journey. Alannah has been instrumental in the industry since 2018, with significant roles at Aurora Cannabis in wholesale operations, product development and commercialization. Today, under the leadership of her and her father, Doug, Dabble Cannabis Co. specializes in solventless extracts. The farm’s commitment to quality is evident in its outdoor cultivation methods, utilizing natural light to produce cannabis with superior flavor and quality.

Kailee Hardie
Owner of Medi Heady Glass Co.

Kailee Hardie, Owner of Medi Heady Glass Co., wearing a white sweatshirt, takes a selfie in an office with a blue wall featuring the logo of Medi Heady Glass Co., which specializes in creating heady glass for cannabis concentrates.

Kailee Hardie, born and raised in the Cowichan Valley , founded Medi Heady Glass Co. in Duncan, British Columbia, in 2018. Celebrating its 6th anniversary in September 2024, the company is a testament to Kailee’s commitment to showcasing high-quality, unique glass art and cannabis concentrates accessories. Her company specializes in heady glass made from borosilicate (Pyrex) and collaborates with artists from both Canada and the USA, with a strong focus on the abundant artistic talent of Vancouver Island. Starting as an online venture, Medi Heady Glass Co. now proudly resides in Duncan’s vibrant downtown.

Kyra Horvath
Founder & Master Grower of Pineapple Buds

Kyra Horvath, Founder and Master Grower of Pineapple Buds, is surrounded by lush cannabis plants wearing a hairnet, sunglasses, and a blue jacket.

Kyra Horvath, the co-founder and master grower of Pineapple Buds Inc., is a standout figure in the world of boutique cannabis cultivation. A University of Calgary alumna with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Anthropology, Kyra dedicated herself to the cannabis market post-graduation, focusing on quality assurance and customer engagement alongside her partner, Laine Keyes. In 2020, they established Pineapple Buds, a micro-cultivation facility in Oliver, BC, specializing in deep-water cultivation and unique genetics.

Pineapple Buds stands out in the cannabis industry not just for its cultivation methods but also for its unique origin story. The brand was conceived following a trip to Hawaii’s Dole Pineapple Plantation, where Kyra was inspired by the plantation’s allure. She envisioned creating a cannabis brand that captured the same excitement and uniqueness. Today, Pineapple Buds operates out of a 10,000-square-foot facility, combining generational and innovative horticulture techniques to craft a select range of niche, high-quality sativa strains and hybrids, including the popular Pineapple Party and Hawaiian Pineapple. Under Kyra’s leadership, Pineapple Buds continues to push the boundaries of cannabis cultivation, creating a distinguished legacy within the BC cannabis community.

Robin Andruss
Master Grower of High Mountain Organics

Robin Andruss, Master Grower of High Mountain Organics, is framed by lush cannabis plants in varying shades of green and purple, showcasing the vibrant and healthy growth of her organic cultivation.

Meet Robin, the master grower at High Mountain Organics, whose life story is as rich and organic as her farming practices. Raised in Yalakom Valley, a mountainous community near Lillooet, BC, Robin’s childhood was an immersion in nature. Homeschooling allowed her to deeply connect with her environment, tending to gardens and farm animals and mastering organic farming techniques, especially for cannabis.

Her passion for cannabis, rooted in a commitment to organic cultivation, has flourished over the years. Today, Robin lives on a self-sufficient ranch with her family and friends, where they embrace regenerative farming to produce their food and cannabis.

Robin’s pioneering spirit shone through in 2013 when she became the first in her community to apply for a cannabis cultivation license under Canada’s MMAR program. Since then, she has maintained licenses through MMPR, ACMPR, and now holds a Micro Cultivation and Micro Processing license with High Mountain Organics.


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