Have you heard of BC Liquor Distribution Branch’s (“LDB”) Direct Delivery Program (“DDP”)? A game-changer in BC’s cannabis market, Direct Delivery streamlines the distribution process by connecting federally licensed cannabis flower nurseries and small-scale producers directly with retailers like Violet Wild. Instead of going through a centralized distribution system, cannabis retailers can now collaborate directly with cannabis growers and have their products delivered directly to the store, revolutionizing the distribution process! Below, we explore a few of the advantages that this method brings to the table and how it’s elevating the experience for cannabis enthusiasts across British Columbia.

Faster Market Access

Traditional distribution channels often involve multiple middlemen, causing unnecessary delays. With Direct Delivery, cannabis products travel straight from the cultivator’s facility to our retail store, eliminating the need for products to pass through various warehouses and distribution centers. This means cannabis products spend less time in transit and more time on our shelves in fresh and optimal condition.

Quality Control

At Violet Wild, quality is our top priority, and we take a hands-on approach to ensure it. By collaborating directly with the farmers, visiting their farms, and witnessing the cultivation process first-hand, we can ensure that our customers are enjoying cannabis that has been cared for by those who understand it best, from seed to final product. With fewer steps involved in the supply chain, we can stock our shelves with better cannabis products that maintain their original freshness and potency longer.

Transparency and Traceability

We get it, you want to know where your cannabis comes from. The cannabis market is getting closer to how it was prior to legalization, similar to a farm-to-table system. Just like in the pre-legalization times, the DDP has revived the spirit of direct relationships and transparency that characterized local sourcing before legalization. Under DDP, growers are required to provide accurate and detailed reports on their sales and returns, lab test results, source verification, and direct communication channels, allowing customers to know exactly what’s happening with their cannabis products and where they come from.

Empowers BC Cannabis Growers

Direct Delivery offers a lifeline to small-scale cannabis producers by giving them direct access to local retailers. This levels the playing field and empowers smaller businesses to showcase their craftsmanship by connecting with retailers that can help them enhance their visibility and market presence. This collaborative approach allows BC growers to work directly with local cannabis retailers, allowing us to nurture more local partnerships, create more demand for homegrown products, and further strengthen the foundation of the BC cannabis industry.

A Step Forward for BC-Grown Cannabis Flower

With the Direct Delivery Program, shopping for your favourite cannabis products has never been better. From faster distribution and fresher products to better collaboration and enhanced quality control, the Direct Delivery Program is a huge step forward for BC growers, retailers, and cannabis enthusiasts. Ready to explore? Visit our online menu to find premium craft cannabis sourced directly from BC growers.