Can you believe it’s been two years?! Violet Wild Cannabis Co celebrates its second anniversary on April 30, 2023.

As we look back on the past two years of good times, we’re filled with appreciation and excitement and want to take a moment to express our gratitude for the incredible support we have received from our local Chemainus community. We have met people from all walks of life, and it has been amazing and humbling to hear their stories and how our cannabis products in Chemainus have had a positive impact on their lives. It inspires us each day to continue pushing boundaries and deliver the very best our industry has to offer. We’ve had an absolute blast on this wild journey, and we owe it all to you, our amazing customers—thank you!

Started by sisters and owners Terra Maibach and Sonja Riddle, the story of Violet Wild began in 2018. That year, we found ourselves unemployed by choice. Growing tired of our high-stress and demanding careers, we made the decision together to follow our hearts toward something greater. During this hiatus, we put our minds together and brainstormed where we wanted to take our journey next. Merging Terra’s love and passion for cannabis with Sonja’s skills in business, we joined forces to create the perfect reflection of ourselves—colourful, creative, and unapologetically unique—Violet Wild was born.

Opening a cannabis store in Chemainus, BC, during a global pandemic was challenging, to say the least. Two days before we were scheduled to present our dream at a public hearing, all social gatherings were cancelled indefinitely, with no information on when or if we would ever get the opportunity to share our vision with the community. Four months later, the city of Chemainus hosted their first ever virtual public hearing, and Violet Wild made it on the agenda! In a whirlwind turn of events, during the pandemic, cannabis was deemed an essential service in British Columbia, allowing cannabis stores to remain open during lockdowns and Violet Wild to flourish in such unprecedented times.

Violet Wild would not be where it is today without the incredible bond we share as sisters. In ancient Chinese philosophy, the yin-yang represents the concept of opposite forces that are interconnected and counterbalancing. This exactly describes our connection and why we are such a powerful team. We are the Yin to each other’s Yang – Terra’s purple to Sonja’s yellow.

Looking back on the last two years, we’re so proud of what we have accomplished. We have created a store that we believe in and we have built so many meaningful relationships with our customers and industry partners along the way. We look forward to many more years of good vibes! To everyone that has visited our store, purchased our cannabis products, and supported us in one way or another—thank you for making these past two years unforgettable! We’re excited to continue serving you with great cannabis products in Chemainus and retail experiences as unique as you are.