Terra Maibach, Owner of Violet Wild Cannabis Co., has recently joined the board of the Retail Cannabis Council of British Columbia (RCCBC), bringing with her a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience in the cannabis industry. As the newest member, Terra is eager to contribute to RCCBC’s mission of giving a stronger voice to independent cannabis retailers and influencing a regulatory landscape that supports industry growth in British Columbia.

What is the RCCBC?

The Retail Cannabis Council of British Columbia (RCCBC), is a non-profit advocate for independent cannabis retailers. Serving as the voice of a diverse group of business owners, RCCBC works with municipal, provincial, and federal regulators to ensure that legislation and policies are conducive to the growth and sustainability of the cannabis industry. Their goal is to create a business landscape where the industry can thrive, backed by community initiatives and informed by comprehensive research.

Photograph of the members of the Retail Cannabis Council of British Columbia, including Terra, owner of Violet Wild Chemainus Dispensary

What is RCCBC Planning for 2024?

Looking ahead to 2024, RCCBC is focusing on several key policy changes aimed at improving the landscape for cannabis businesses and consumers alike. Here’s a glimpse into the top policy objectives on the agenda and a recent victory that marks a significant step forward for the industry:

Reduction of Excise Tax: Advocating for a decrease in the 15% excise tax currently levied on growers, aiming to alleviate financial burdens and encourage a more robust cannabis cultivation industry.

Reevaluation of BC Vape Tax: Pushing for a reevaluation of the 20% BC Vape Tax, which could potentially lower costs for consumers and increase competitive pricing within the market.

Gummy THC Limit: Seeking to revise the 10 mg limit per gummy to allow for more potent options, catering to a wider range of consumer preferences and therapeutic needs.

Concentrate Potency: Working towards increasing the limit on THC in concentrates from 1000 mg, which could expand product offerings and align with consumer demand for higher potency options.

Possession Amounts: Proposing an increase in the personal possession limit beyond 28 grams to reflect a more realistic use case and reduce potential legal repercussions for consumers.

Retail Experience Enhancements: The RCCBC’s most recent win! – mandatory window coverings in cannabis stores have been removed, allowing for more transparent and inviting retail spaces.

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