the team at violet wild, a Vancouver Island dispensary.

As we wave goodbye to 2023, our team at Violet Wild are filled with awe and excitement as we reflect on the incredible moments we’ve shared together. This year, Violet Wild has been all about exploring new territories, building new relationships, and making an impact in the industry we are so passionate about. It’s been a year of growth, connection, and celebration, filled with so many incredible moments and milestones. Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane and journey through the highlights that made this year one of our very best for our Vancouver Island dispensary.

January: Lift&Co. Expo in Vancouver, BC

Terra and Sonja kicked off 2023 by attending the Lift Cannabis Business Conference and Expo in Vancouver, BC. It was a whirlwind of learning and networking, filled with insightful sessions and exciting events hosted by CannaReps.

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February: Cumberland Glass Exhibit

In February, we immersed ourselves in the artistic side of cannabis at the Cumberland Glass Event hosted by Trugreen, where the best of the local heady glass world came together. The event was a dazzling display of craftsmanship, featuring exquisite glass pieces by Gibsons Glassworks and beautiful dab rigs, bongs and glass accessories from local artists.

March: The Collector’s Cup

March took us to the Collector’s Cup by CannaReps, where we experienced the excitement of blind cannabis grading. Congratulations to Camp River Cannabis for emerging victorious with their deliciously citrusy and smooth Lemon Meringue cannabis strain.

February-April: Sponsoring Cowichan FC Women’s Soccer Team

We’re all about championing local sports and were proud to sponsor and cheer on the Cowichan FC Division 1 Women’s Soccer Team on their journey to the provincials!

April: BC Cannabis Summit in Kelowna, BC

In April, we were thrilled to attend the BC Cannabis Summit in Kelowna, BC, hosted by the BC Craft Farmers Co-op (BCCFC) and the Retail Cannabis Council of BC (RCCBC). This three-day event was a hub of knowledge and networking, attracting a diverse crowd from legacy growers to new faces in the cannabis industry. The summit offered a wealth of insights, policy discussions, and a chance to connect with like-minded individuals and leaders. The summit provided a unique platform for us to discuss the future of cannabis, especially in light of the Cannabis Act review and its impact on the sector.

August: The Unicorn Music Festival & Rosebud Bowl

An event like no other – The Unicorn Music Festival in the Kootenays was a celebration of music culture, wellness, and art! It was a reminder of how cannabis can bring people together in such joyous and meaningful ways. Our favourite part? The Rosebud Bowl, where we got to witness their cannabis comparison competition. Chosen by blind testing, a huge congrats goes to Royal Harvest for winning 1st Place in the “Premium Dried Flower” for their amazing Sherb-O strain!

October: We Won Independent Retailer of the Year

An event we’ll never forget – being named “Independent Retailer of the Year”at the Grow Up Conference by our industry peers was an incredibly proud and meaningful moment for us! Presented by Weed Pool, this award recognizes independent cannabis retailers with fewer than 8 stores. And the excitement didn’t end there! We were also honoured to take part in a number of important discussions about the industry’s future, participating in panels about BC’s New Sampling Policy, the BC Direct Program, and Retail Entrepreneurship.

November: Terra joins Retail Cannabis Council of British Columbia

We attended the RCCBC AGM hosted by Book Club, where Terra, owner of Violet Wild Cannabis Co, was announced as the newest board member of the Retail Cannabis Council of British Columbia (RCCBC), a non-profit advocate for independent cannabis retailers. Serving as the voice of a diverse group of business owners, RCCBC works with municipal, provincial, and federal regulators to ensure that legislation and policies are conducive to the growth and sustainability of the cannabis industry. In 2023, we celebrated a big win – with mandatory window coverings in cannabis stores no longer a requirement. This pivotal change will help create a new era in cannabis retail, allowing for more open, transparent, and inviting storefronts and enhancing the customer experience.

November: Watch our interview with Growing Exposed

Listen to a dynamic and informative session discussion between Growing Exposed and the Retail Cannabis Council of British Columbia (RCCBC) as we unravel the complexities of various topics in the cannabis industry, from the origins of the RCCBC to its crucial role in supporting retailers across the province and what future aspirations we have for the industry for the next five years. Watch it here!

December: Book Club celebrates their 1st anniversary

No better way to close out the year than celebrating the first birthday of Book Club! This is where we meet up with the best industry leaders and cannasseurs around to discuss cannabis cultivars and concentrates, bring new products to market, and connect retailers with licensed producers. This gathering of leaders and enthusiasts always reminds us why we love what we do!

Thank You for Being Part of Our 2023 Journey!

As we bid farewell to 2023, we’re overwhelmed with gratitude for the experiences, the people, and the growth we’ve achieved. To everyone that has visited our cannabis store, supported us, or just stopped in to say hello – thank you for being part of our journey! Here’s to continuing our adventure into 2024 and beyond – growing together, celebrating each moment, and shaping the future of cannabis with passion and purpose!